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We are two sisters very close in age and often mistaken for twins. We shared our entire lives together, living and traveling together, sharing clothes and everything else.

Our mother often jokes that she had twins two years apart. We share common passions, in particular dance which is very important to us and which occupies a central place in our new project.

As dancers, we have always been attracted to beauty, fashion, cosmetics, etc. We worked together often and always dreamed of having our own business one day.

We have had this dream for years, but it took time for us to dare to take the plunge. We are happy to present the project we have been working on for two years.

Although we encountered obstacles and often gave up, we were ultimately pushed to continue. We kept our project a secret for a long time, doubting ourselves and constantly procrastinating. But one day we found our motivation again and our ideas started to take shape. We decided to go for it, even if it meant failing, but without being afraid.

We are proud to present our shoes, our common baby. Each pair has been carefully chosen and we still have many great things to come. Five models are already available for sale and more surprises are to come. Welcome to our world!


The WICKS Sisters